Our customer has 50 trailers that he wanted to Geo-locate to protect against theft in the whole continent. The trailers might be stopped and disconnected from an energy feeding system up to one month, so, traditional systems did not solve the problem due to the short battery autonomy.

Limitations of existing system:

Very short battery autonomy

high costs due to SIM and roaming

After installing our small device on his trailers, which allowed him to monitor them through our platform, he experienced the following benefits:

Our customer can geolocate his platforms 24X7 and get to know exactly when they are moving, their speed, stop times, and if there is any movement for instance at night time, which could indicate theft of goods.

No roaming, no SIM

Our customer got a reduction of 30% of the insurance due to our theft protection.

No need for installation

Battery autonomy of up to 15 years.