KPI’s From the Field to the Cloud in Real Time.
B’Smart captures any KPI in the field whether it be temperature, GPS coordinates, pressure, or acceleration, and takes it to the cloud in real time. Gather data and control your equipment remotely with the minimum energy and budget.
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Monitor your machines and get to know insights about your business, increasing Knowledge, augmenting Return of investment and creating new revenue streams.

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B’Smart allows you to monitor and gather data that will help you analyze in depth every machine or process of your business in order to:

anticipate failures

reduce preventive and corrective maintenance

reduce costs dramatically

Our device's innovative stand-alone design allows you to send GPS coordinates to the cloud instantly without the need of a battery. Enjoy the benefits of cutting edge innovation while spending up to 15.000 times less energy than the current market's standard 3G technology.

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Success Stories

Transport and Logistics

Discover how the use of the Internet of Things through B'Smart technology can drastically improve operational performance and efficiency in the field of Transport and Logistics thanks to real-time access to data.


Industry and Machinery

In the field of industrial machinery, the advent of IoT is not only promising but becoming necessary. Monitoring the constant flux of data and information between machinery and network, provides a gateway to a clearer understanding of its performance and better decision making to reduce costs and non-productive time.


Smart Cities

The potential of smart cities is nearly limitless, and the growth of these cities should only accelerate in the coming years. Find out how the use of iOT to develop smart cities is paving the way for citizens to enjoy sustainable quality of life through technology: economy and productivity, mobility, environment, education, health and security.

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