Success story on the reduction of breakdowns in power generators

Below we present our latest success story in diesel generators through the monitoring and control of generators. Through this we demonstrate that it is possible to avoid some of the most serious and recurrent breakdowns suffered by this type of machines, caused by unbalanced loads, over-use, under-use, or misuse by the customer.

Our client is a machinery rental company with a national presence and a fleet of more than 250 generators spread throughout the country. generator fleet managementTherefore, for our client it was important to have their fleet of generators monitored and ensure that they work according to the parameters defined by the manufacturer, as well as to have immediate information on any malfunction of the machine.

In this first phase we have defined the most relevant parameters to monitor and the corresponding alarms and reports necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the machine, being able to know through these:


  1. Over use per load much higher than recommended.
  2. Under-utilization per load much lower than recommended.
  3. Unbalanced loads.
  4. Immediate detection of diesel engine alternator failure.
  5. Lack of fuel.
  6. Excess temperature, or pressure in the engine.
  7. Remote fault diagnosis codes

Generator fleet controlAll the above conditions, which can cause a serious fault in the generator, can be reported automatically through the monitoring and control of generators. WhatsApp, Telegram, App, Mail, SMS, or any other electronic means are valid channels to report any anomaly. In a second phase, and if the dangerous situation persists, the system is able to slow down and stop the machine automatically. In this way, it is not only possible to monitor the machine and document everything that is happening with it, but also to stop it and avoid major breakdowns. Undoubtedly, this is a breakthrough to ensure the asset that generates value in machinery rental companies.

We hope that this success story has been of your interest, you can watch the video, here. We will continue to innovate to cover 100% of the challenges of machinery rental companies.