Optimise your machine fleet, increase productivity and reduce costs

reducción costes y aumento de la productividad en gestión de flota
  • Recover it in case of theft

  • Supervise the machine in real time

  • Get warnings about maintenance problems

  • Control maintenance efficiently

  • Control when the machine is working

Machinery Smart Fleet Management

Track your machines, stop them remotely, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the control of your company. With our platform you’ll be able to stop the machine in case of theft for example.


manage your rented vehicles and reduce risks
  • Machine geo-location

  • Route and schedule

  • Use time table control

  • Alerts of battery disconnection

  • Theft alert

  • Remote block

  • Maintenance automatic control

  • Dashboard  for global control

  • All kind of reports

Find out where your rented machines are

Get to know in every moment where your machines are, their speed, Km, odometer, etc.

Gain security & control for your fleet

Get warnings if a vehicle is leaving the country, it approach certain areas or is driven at dangerous speed. You will be able to create reports and invoice the client when needed.

Block the vehicle in case of theft

Gain control on over speed, harsh driving, get to know the Geo-location in real time and block the vehicle in case of theft.

remote machine shutdown

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