The customer

COMOLI is a machinery rental company in the province of Malaga with more than 200 machines including lifting platforms, forklifts and generator sets, this machinery does not usually have a telematic system, therefore, the monitoring of generator sets has been a help for the reduction and prevention of serious breakdowns. The introduction of fleet management in generator sets has been a major change that has improved customer service, increased productivity and reduced costs, for example by avoiding clogging of the particulate filter of the most modern machines, and increasing the Control of assets.


The problem of the lack of fleet management in generators

Comoli rents the generator sets to be used in locations such as telephone towers located in remote sites. Some examples of the breakdowns that a generator set can suffer are:


    • Battery charge alternator failure
    • Lack of fuel
    • Engine temperature stop
    • Current generator failure
    • Particulate filter clogging.
    • Machine shutdown due to excess temperature and the corresponding accumulated damage caused by overheating.
    • Alternator breakdown due to overuse or underuse.
    • Alternator breakdown due to unbalanced loads.


If any of the listed failures occur, sooner or later, the generator set will stop generating an emergency visit and may even generate a much more important breakdown than it would initially generate. This will also cause harm to the customer and, therefore, a decrease in the quality of service. Consequently, not having a telematics system that can immediately report a problem in the machine will have the following consequences:


    • Increased risk and costs due to serious failure of the generator set.
    • Damage to the customer due to possible stoppage of the generator set.
    • Increase in operational costs by having to go urgently, perhaps on the weekend and without knowing what the breakdown is.
    • Less predictability and greater organizational and planning effort.

Reduction and prevention of breakdowns in generator sets, for example avoiding clogging of the particulate filterSolution; Implementation of fleet management in generator sets

To solve this challenge we have used Teltonika’s FMB120 device with which we have the possibility to visualize the necessary variables in the fleet management platform. These may include:


    • Current supplied by the generator set
    • Engine temperature
    • Battery charge level and battery failure
    • Group status (active/non-active)


This data is collected by the device and sent with a cadence of one minute to the fleet management platform, which will notify (via mail, SMS, web, etc.) in case any of the previously configured events occur.

On the basis of this data, alarms and reports can be generated, as well as the generator can be stopped automatically to avoid, for example, the clogging of the particulate filter or in case of fuel shortage or any other problem. Thus, through constant remote monitoring, Comoli can know at all times what is happening with its generators and anticipate unforeseen breakdowns, being able to better plan technical actions while improving customer service.


“Jose Manuel (Comoli): Thanks to the implementation of B’Smart’s fleet management and generator set monitoring in our generator sets, we have improved customer service, reduced response times, the number of incidents and their severity.”

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