Optimise your truck fleet

Increase productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks


Optimize your truck routes and be more efficient


Reduces fuel costs by more than 10% Keep detailed control of driving times. Click here for further information.


Improve the profitability and service of your fleet



B’Smart platform allows you to locate and control your truck fleet in real time. You can see all the information you need quickly and comfortably: trips made, stops, average consumption, driving times …

locate cars, truck, vans and any kind of machine

Real time geolocation

Trips and stops

Idling and fuel consumption

Remote diagnose

Destination arrival alerts

Maintenance control 


Tachograph download

Driving style

Get to know how much you can save with Smart Fleet Management


Reach your trucks at any moment

Thanks to the real time Geo-location you can know in real time where are your trucks; status, speed, over speed, harsh driving.


Get remote diagnostic alerts in the platform

Get to know what is the problem before sending the mechanic to a truck breakdown. Get to know more here.



Monitor tyre pressure and temperature

in real time and save up to 3% fuel.

Not only 3% fuel save but also Maintenance costs are reduce by controlling tyre Pressure & Temperature in real time. Click here if you want to know how.

Remote pneumatic pressure monitoring for safety and fuel economy