what is fleet management

Challenges of fleet management

Challenges of fleet management Field maintenance human resources are often scarce. Forced to juggle priorities, and resorting to creative problem solving to keep assets running. It often happens that fleet management is at the top of the priority list during digital initiatives, with scarce investments in service and maintenance postponed. While this is understandable, it
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Fleet management in locations without GSM coverage

Fleet management in locations without GSM Fleet management is today something unavoidable for any company that has a fleet of vehicles and / or machines, even in locations without GSM coverage, since it helps to automate data collection processes and centralized information generation that increase efficiency, optimize resources and facilitate the analysis of the data
Pilot tests in fleet management

The importance of pilot testing before implementing fleet management

The importance of pilot testing before implementing fleet management. In our experience, pilot tests in fleet management are a common occurrence for many companies before making a big strategic decision that affects the fleet of vehicles or machines. Regardless of the proposed solution, a pilot project usually provides many important benefits: Manage risk With a
Fleet management heavy machinery

Is fleet management useful in machinery?

Undoubtedly, fleet management for heavy machinery offers savings through increased equipment productivity, reduced operator errors, and efficient care and maintenance. 1. SAFETY OF HEAVY MACHINERY Through fleet management for heavy machinery, the location of heavy equipment can be monitored even when it is in remote areas such as mines, construction areas and oil and gas
transformación digital

Automatización de las cargas de trabajo en flota de maquinaria

La necesidad de automatizar cargas de trabajo y hacer más con menos se ha convertido en una realidad.   Situación actual El nivel de digitalización a través de la gestión de flota en máquinas suele ser bajo, accede aqui al webinar donde encontrarás soluciones a este tema. El cliente puede básicamente ver dónde están las
smart tires

Smart tyres

Controlling the pressure and temperature of a truck’s tires in real time can be a good solution to avoid unforeseen events and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Smart truck tires are equipped with sensors that transmit real-time pressure and temperature data and provide the user with the ability to send this information to their fleet