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Loxam-Hune gives B’Smart an excellent rating for its contribution to generator set fleet management

B'SMART'S FLEET DIGITIZATION SERVICE IS RATED EXCELLENT BY LOXAM-HUNE'S PURCHASING AND FLEET MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Loxam-hune had a turnover of 110 million euros in 2021 and has the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and performs fleet management of all generator sets in stock. B'Smart has been working together with Loxam-Hune on different projects focused on
Remote diagnostic

Remote diagnostic system for vehicle fleets

Remote diagnostic system Modern vehicles can generate thousands of fault codes. The Remote Diagnostic System allows you to understand breakdowns and prioritize repairs, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Since about 2000, all vehicles have a remote diagnostic system that allows reading the diagnostic codes of the vehicle/machine when a breakdown occurs. Why is this important
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How Blockchain Will Radically Improve the Supply Chain Historically, innovation has often disrupted supply chains in several significant ways. For example, the introduction of computers in the 80s led to drastic changes in supply chain management. Organizations increasingly embraced computers for word processing, day-to-day operations, and accounting, while map-based interfaces and flexible spreadsheets enabled more
fleet management data integration

The continuous evolution of integration into fleet management

The continuous evolution of integration into fleet management Today, data is everywhere. They come from a variety of solutions: GPS, telematics, accounting spreadsheets, vehicle and equipment sensors, smartphones and tablets for the driver. All this data can be part of the integration in fleet management. Capturing, screening, and managing this data can be one of
Control of costs and risks in the fleet

Fleet management as a driver of cost reduction, increased productivity and risk mitigation

Fleet management as a driver of cost reduction and risk mitigation Fleet management solutions for cost reduction and risk mitigation are increasingly being used to solve the operational problems associated with vehicle fleets as they close the information gap that exists between operations management and mobile workers. In the table below we look at six
construction and mining fleet management

Fleet tracking in mining

If you look around, there is a construction site on virtually every corner, full of equipment and heavy vehicles. To perform work correctly and without delays, companies must care about every detail. Everything is usually very programmed. Margins are tight and any downtime can severely affect workflow, which is why Fleet Tracking in Mining is
what is fleet management

Challenges of fleet management

Challenges of fleet management Field maintenance human resources are often scarce. Forced to juggle priorities, and resorting to creative problem solving to keep assets running. It often happens that fleet management is at the top of the priority list during digital initiatives, with scarce investments in service and maintenance postponed. While this is understandable, it
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Fleet management in locations without GSM coverage

Fleet management in locations without GSM Fleet management is today something unavoidable for any company that has a fleet of vehicles and / or machines, even in locations without GSM coverage, since it helps to automate data collection processes and centralized information generation that increase efficiency, optimize resources and facilitate the analysis of the data
Pilot tests in fleet management

The importance of pilot testing before implementing fleet management

The importance of pilot testing before implementing fleet management. In our experience, pilot tests in fleet management are a common occurrence for many companies before making a big strategic decision that affects the fleet of vehicles or machines. Regardless of the proposed solution, a pilot project usually provides many important benefits: Manage risk With a
Fleet management heavy machinery

Is fleet management useful in machinery?

Undoubtedly, fleet management for heavy machinery offers savings through increased equipment productivity, reduced operator errors, and efficient care and maintenance. 1. SAFETY OF HEAVY MACHINERY Through fleet management for heavy machinery, the location of heavy equipment can be monitored even when it is in remote areas such as mines, construction areas and oil and gas
digital transformation

Automation of workloads in machinery fleet

The need to automate workloads and do more with less has become a reality.   Current situation The level of digitalization through fleet management in machines is usually low, access here the webinar where you will find solutions to this topic. The customer can basically see where the machines are and generally this service is
smart tires

Smart tires

Controlling the pressure and temperature of a truck's tires in real time can be a good solution to avoid unforeseen events and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Smart truck tires are equipped with sensors that transmit real-time pressure and temperature data and provide the user with the ability to send this information to their fleet