Increased safety in light vehicle fleet

Our client is a food distribution company with a fleet of 167 vehicles, they distribute food throughout the Spanish geography of perishable and non-perishable food and required an increased safety in their fleet of light vehicles.

Situation prior to increased fleet safety

The company had a rudimentary fleet management system that did not allow to know speeding, Speeding control in light vehiclesaggressive driving or fuel control, also having a reliability of Hardware and very low platform, which in the end caused more problems than benefits since it did not allow to know with certainty if the delivery routes had been followed, the schedules followed, the fuel control, etc.

Solution implemented to achieve


increased fleet safety


B’Smart has implemented its fleet management system using Teltonika OBD equipment with high reliability and very fast installation using the models of the FMB002 series and the FMT100 of TELTONIKA, which allow to reduce installation costs to practically zero and to know the location of each of the vehicles in real time, fuel consumption and fuel control, speeding and remote diagnostic codes in case of breakdown,offering a reliability of both the Hardware and the platform of 100%. In those older vehicles that did not have OBD we have installed the FMT100direct battery equipment. With a very fast installation as you can see in the explanatory videos.

The customer not only has sms warning messages to the driver when speeding, braking or sudden acceleration occur, but can also generate driving reports over a period of time with objective data on when the excess speed has occurred, at what point, by how much it has been exceeded, etc.

Results achieved

The customer has drastically reduced speeding excesses, fuel consumption, idle times and route control, resulting in increased productivity, cost reduction and risgos mitigation.

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