The client

Our client is a Heavy Machines company in the south of Spain with cranes between 30 and 300 Tones and light vehicles.


The Challenge

Having more than 150 vehicles and machines, it is important for our client to know where all of them are, control preventive maintenance and legal check-ups, or be informed about other events like idling or fuel level variation. It is important as well get to know in advance what is the problem before sending the mechanic when a truck breaks-down in the road.

truck fleet management

The Solution

B’Smart installed the corresponding system in cranes and trucks to gather data from CAN-BUS and OBDII system in light vehicles due to the easy and fast installation.

Thanks to B’smart Fleet Management, fuel costs, idling times, check-ups and other events are perfectly controlled now. On the other hand, the Remote diagnostic system, has saved quite a lot of time and costs, as well as increased productivity whenever a truck breaks-down in the road, as the mechanic knows up-front what is the problem before he leaves the base.

Some of the data that can be gathered is :

Geo-location, Speed, Harsh driving (acceleration, cornering, etc), Trips with stops and time, Fuel consumption, Idling time, control about the truck leaving or entering an area, etc. As as summary, the client has been able to increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks.


Remote Diagnostic