Designed to solve each and every supply chain challenge

Extra-thin tracker design to provide tracking solutions to the supply chain

  • Compact (82x35mm) & Ultra-thin design (3mm)
  • Battery for 1 year wireless recharge in one hour
  • Re-usable & activatable

The service

Capture and transmit real-time shipment data with high accuracy to the B’Smart platform.

Supply chain tracker
Supply chain tracking solutions


  • Temperature

  • Light

  • Humidity & Impacts

Location via

  • Cellular (2G, 5G)

  • WiFi

  • GPS


  • Road & Train

  • Air

  • Ocean

Global coverage

  • More than 400 networks

  • 95%

Frequency and battery

  • Communication every 2′

  • Long battery life

Tracker with long battery life

supply chain tracking


01. GPS, WI-FI, BLE Cellular-NetworkGPS, WI-FI, BLE, (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and NB-IOT)
02 Built-in Motion SensorInternal motion sensor
03 Built-In light sensorsLight sensor
04 One Button ActivationPush button activation
05 Waterproof (IP67)Waterproof (IP67)
06 Shock & VibrationShock and vibration detection
07 Resistant Traceable TemperatureTemperature sensor
08 Resistant traceable humidityHumidity sensor
09 Battery & External Power OptionsBattery and external connection options

The platform

Supply chain tracking solutions to track your assets

real-time supply chain active monitoring

Real-time visibility to provide tracking solutions to the supply chain

Monitor the location and conditions of your shipments in real time to ensure the delivery of your shipments.

real-time supply chain active monitoring

Alert & Notification

Specifies the relevant restrictions for your shipments and receives notifications when problems arise.

supply chain monitoring and tracking

Reporting & Analytics

Create detailed reports to share with customers and analyze your data to identify opportunities.

The B’Strack device that brings tracking solutions to the supply chain

B’Strack is a compact ultra-thin profile solution that integrates LTE-M, NB-IoT, modem, antenna, battery, eSim and all the necessary electronics in a device measuring only 82x35x3 mm and weighing only 15 g. Additionally, in our blog you will find use cases with other devices.

A secure NFC smartphone app is used to activate the tracker and read the unique identifier of the individual item.

Ultra-thin and compact asset tracking solution based on 4G/5G and GPS communication with cloud computing.

Activatable with nfc secure application, accelerometer sensor for standby detection.

Supply chain tracker

Ensure your shipments arrive in good condition and on time

Because every shipment matters