Gain control of your rented vehicles

Optimise your rental vehicle fleet with our Smart Fleet Management platform

Smart Fleet Management for rented vehicles

  • Get to know where your vehicles are

  • Reduce unpaid bills and recover the vehicles

  • Get to know in real time the amount of Km

  • Control over speed and if the vehicle leave the country

  • Receive security and control alerts

  • Block the vehicle in case of theft

car hire fleet management

Smart Fleet Management for car hire

Improve the control of your company with the real-time GPS location of your fleet. Be able to know where they are, if they return it on time or if they leave the country, being able to lock the vehicle in case of theft, guaranteeing the rapid recovery of the vehicle and reducing costs.


manage your rented vehicles and reduce risks
  • Rented vehicle geo-location

  • Amount of Km done

  • Over speed control & risk mitigation

  • Alerts when leaving the country

  • Remote block

  • Preventive maintenance control

  • Warning of headquarters arrival
  • Driving style

Get to know how much you can save with Smart Fleet Management

Find out where your rented vehicles are

Get to know in every moment where are your rented vehicles, their speed, Km, when are they approaching the base, etc.

Gain security & control for your fleet

Get warnings if a vehicle is leaving the country, it approach certain areas or is driven at dangerous speed. You will be able to create reports and invoice the client when needed.

Block the vehicle in case of theft

Gain control on over speed, harsh driving, get to know the Geo-location in real time and block the vehicle in case of theft.

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