Monitoring and Control of Aggressive Driving in Vehicle Fleets

Our client, a courier and fast delivery service company with more than 100 vehicles, implemented B’Smart’s fleet digitalization system to improve operational efficiency and driver safety. One of the main challenges was addressing aggressive driving, which not only put the safety of drivers and other road users at risk, but also increased operating costs due to excessive vehicle wear and tear and fuel consumption.

After the implementation of the B’Smart system, several key actions were carried out:

Real-time monitoring:

The system made it possible to monitor the driving behavior of each vehicle in the fleet in real time. This included speed, harsh accelerations, sudden braking, and other indicators of aggressive driving.


Data analysis:

 The data collected by the system related to aggressive driving (braking, acceleration, cornering, speeding) was analyzed to identify aggressive driving patterns and problem areas. An intelligent algorithm was used to classify aggressive driving events and prioritize the most critical cases.

monitorization of harsh events, RAG index


Driver training:

Training programs for drivers have been implemented based on the data collected. These programs included online and in-person training sessions, focused on safe and efficient driving practices.

Incentives and recognition:

An incentive and recognition system was established to encourage safe and responsible driving behavior. Drivers who showed significant improvements in their driving behavior received public recognition and additional rewards.

The results were remarkable:

  • Significant reduction in accidents and incidents related to aggressive driving.
  • Decreased wear and tear on vehicles and associated maintenance costs.
  • Improved fuel efficiency due to a smoother and more controlled ride.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to safer and more on-time deliveries.

In summary, the implementation of B’Smart’s fleet digitalization system has enabled our client to improve road safety, reduce operating costs, and increase the overall efficiency of their delivery operations.