Optimizing the management of Electric Forklifts with B’Smart’s Fleet Digitalization Solution


Our customer, a leading logistics company, faced considerable challenges in managing their fleet of electric forklifts. The existing GPS control system and battery management system (BMS) were complicated, non-interoperable and generated high operating costs. Lack of real-time visibility, maintenance complexity, and lack of integration between systems were key obstacles to improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Our client decided to implement B’Smart’s fleet digitalization solution, which specializes in the comprehensive management of vehicles and machinery. The platform provided a centralized approach to the monitoring and control of their electric forklifts.

  1. Real-Time Tracking System: B’Smart has implemented a real-time tracking system that allows our customer to monitor the location and performance of each forklift efficiently.


  1. BMS Integration: B’Smart’s solution has been easily integrated with the Battery Management System (BMS), providing a complete view of the health and performance of traction batteries. This has enabled accurate monitoring of the state of charge and discharge and the water level in the elements and the chest (water in the hood causes corrosion), optimizing battery life and reducing replacement costs.



  1. Predictive Data Analytics: B’Smart uses predictive analytics to anticipate maintenance needs, avoiding unplanned shutdowns and reducing costs associated with emergency repairs.


  1. Simplification of Management: B’Smart’s platform simplifies fleet management by providing detailed and customizable reports, facilitating strategic decision-making.


  1. Reduced Operating Costs: Our customer has experienced a significant reduction in operating costs thanks to improved efficiency, preventative maintenance, and optimization of battery performance.


  1. Increased Efficiency: Real-time visibility and predictive data have improved operational efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing overall fleet productivity.
  2. Administrative Simplification: The simplification of the control system has allowed our client to carry out a more efficient and less complex management, freeing up administrative resources for more strategic tasks.


  1. Fast Return on Investment: The implementation of B’Smart’s solution has generated a rapid return on investment, positioning the company as a benchmark in operational efficiency in its industry.

In short, B’Smart’s fleet digitalization has transformed our customer’s electric forklift management, offering an end-to-end solution that has not only reduced costs, but also improved operational efficiency and significantly simplified fleet control.