Fleet Digitalization and GPS Technology: Saving Stolen Machinery


In a surprising turn of events, a B’Smart customer experienced a success story following the theft of two valuable construction rollers. Articulated roller rental 1500 kg - Maxim DomenechThanks to the implementation of an innovative fleet digitization solution and the use of state-of-the-art GPS devices, it was possible to recover the machinery and prevent future incidents.


In 2022, a customer of B’Smart, a leading company in fleet management solutions and GPS technology, suffered a devastating theft of two expensive construction rollers. Determined to prevent future incidents, they partnered with B’Smart to develop a more advanced security strategy.

Solution Implemented:

  1. Next Generation Main GPS Device:
    • This state-of-the-art device provides accurate location and real-time updates of machinery. It is connected to B’Smart’s centralized monitoring platform.
  2. Backup Device with Sleeping GPS Technology:
    • This device, equipped with low-power GPS technology, remains in a state of sleep, sending one location update daily. In addition, it has Bluetooth capability to communicate with the main device.
  3. Automatic Backup Device Activation:
    • The backup device is automatically activated when it detects that the primary device has been disconnected, ensuring continuity in monitoring even in sabotage situations.
  4. LBS and WIFI localization:
    • In areas where the GPS signal may be weak or non-existent, the backup device can use LBS and WIFI location to provide an approximate location.

Case Study:

A month after the implementation of this innovative solution, there was an attempt to steal another construction roller. However, this time, the customer was prepared. Details of the attempted robbery were recorded on B’Smart’s centralized platform.


  1. Successful Recovery of Machinery:
    • Thanks to the automatic activation of the backup device, the construction roller could be tracked and retrieved in real time. This success marked a significant milestone in the safety of the customer’s fleet.
  2. Prevention of Future Theft:
    • Bluetooth automatic activation and communication technology proved to be an effective preventive measure against sabotage attempts on the main device.
  3. Optimization of Resources and Costs:
    • Fleet digitalization allowed the customer to optimize routes and monitor the use of their assets more efficiently, resulting in reduced operating costs.


This case study illustrates how fleet digitalization and advanced GPS technology can be key elements in preventing theft and protecting valuable assets. The combination of main and backup devices, together with automatic activation in case of sabotage, has proven to be a highly effective strategy to ensure the safety of machinery. B’Smart continues to lead the way in implementing cutting-edge solutions for fleet management and safety.


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