Fleet management as a driver of cost reduction and risk mitigation

Fleet management solutions for cost reduction and risk mitigation are increasingly being used to solve the operational problems associated with vehicle fleets as they close the information gap that exists between operations management and mobile workers. In the table below we look at six issues, along with the information and tools provided through fleet management solutions that help control them and mitigate their impact, especially now that fuel prices are skyrocketing.


Problematic behavior

How Fleet Management Helps in Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation

Aggressive driving Accurately control how driver behavior affects wear, maintenance, and fuel cost, including ROI measurement.
Training techniques are offered based on driver scores and in areas where they may need further improvement. Reinforce good driving habits for the safest drivers.
Sudden accelerations and sudden braking Real-time alerts in the vehicle’s cabin for severe events notify the driver of inappropriate behavior.
Standard and custom reports track fleet improvements and trends, including

aggressive driving behaviors, driver scores and idling, among other metrics.

Speeding Real-time speeding alerts with custom speed settings help identify speeding as it occurs so they can be addressed quickly.
Historical reports include vehicle speed and other aggressive driving behaviors,providing a tool for driver training,safe driving reward programs, or corrective measures.
Excessive idling Real-time alerts provide information about shutdowns and the status of the engine off, helping to identify periods of engine idle.


Engine idle reports offer visibility and help control idling among your workers.
Inefficient routing Visibility into the fleet’s vehicle location in real time helps select the nearest workers for service requests.


Geo-barriers, landmarks and routes make it possible to identify key customers, distributors or route corridors to ensure that drivers stay on the scheduled route.


The real-time map view with location alerts and geo-barriers provides immediate notifications of vehicle entry and exit from predefined areas.
Unauthorized use of vehicles Reports on unauthorized vehicle use help to easily detect the use of corporate assets outside of working hours.


Immediate real-time alerts on the change of vehicle status (location, movement, engine status ) provide immediate notifications of use.


Navigation route and activity reports provide details about dates, locations, times, and routes on which vehicles were in employment.

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