The control of thefts of machinery or vehiclestheft of machinery is the order of the day and is a headache for many companies. Thus, the detection and control of theft of machinery and vehicles is today an important issue. As far as vehicles are concerned, the statistics show us the theft of a vehicle every 4 minutes. Regarding machinery, it remains an unsolved challenge. Especially for rental companies as observed in this ASEAMACstudy.

Companies, in their constant concern for the control of thefts of machinery, which are sometimes of high amount as this article shows must have real solutions that help prevent them. Such thefts are usually committed at night and in the period between the end of the working day and the start of the next day (19h/7h). It is therefore necessary to have some kind of solution that allows us to:

  1. Know if the asset likely to be stolen has left a previously configured specific area (geo-barrier).
  2. Have time discrimination to avoid false alarms during the period in which the asset is being used or transported.
  3. The geobarrera must be configured automatically when the asset arrives at a new location avoiding the intervention of personnel in that configuration.

Since it would be tedious to have to manually create the three conditions mentioned every time an asset arrives at the work location, we have automated the whole process.Automatic geo-fence theft detection system Thus, the platform of B’Smart fleet management automatically configures the three conditions listed above, warning when a fleet asset (machine/car/container) leaves a certain area at the previously stipulated time. This means that we can configure for example a schedule between 21 h and 8 h and a radius “X” for the entire fleet in such a way that if any of the assets leaves in that time interval of the area in question the system notifies us immediately and by SMS to the selected mobile or mobiles.

Detection of theft of machinery and vehicles by geo-fence

In short: if weleave a machine in any workplace, the system will create a “safety zone” automatically being able to detect if Control of machinery theft an asset leaves a certain area and notifying immediately through SMS. All this with the smallest device on the market, our GL35, with the following features:




  • Dimensions of 38X40X10mm.
  • Non-rechargeable battery of up to 3.5 years of duration sending one geolocation per day.
  • Geolocation via GPS or through triangulation using mobile phone repeaters.
  • Weekend work notice system

Increased return on investment by billing initially uncontrolled hours

The justification of the use of fleet management for theft in machinery of small value is sometimes difficult Increased return on investment fleet managementfor companies, since not in all locations there is a recurring problem of theft. However, with the latest innovation achieved by B’Smart, companies using the theft detection service will also be able to know if the machine in question (we are talking about machines without a battery in which it is not possible to install a traditional fleet management device since they do not have a battery) has worked in a certain period of time, all that without compromising the battery life of the device, which will continue in the 3.5 years. Therefore, this device will not only serve to be able to find the machine in case of theft. But also to know if it has worked a weekend for example and thus be able to invoice it, which will reduce the period of return on investment drastically.

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