Innovative B’Smart-IoT functionality to prevent DPF clogging

In the dynamic world of industrial machinery, the efficiency and durability of equipment are essential for operational success. Aware of this need, at B’Smart-IoT we have developed a new functionality that optimizes the management and protection of diesel machines equipped with particulate filters by preventing clogging of the DPF, providing an automated and efficient solution to avoid damage during the filter regeneration process.

Context and Challenges

Particulate filters in diesel machines are essential to reduce pollutant emissions. These filters need to be regenerated periodically to remove accumulated particles, a process that can be interrupted if the machine is turned off unexpectedly. Disruption of regeneration can lead to waste build-up and eventually costly filter repairs or replacements.

The B’Smart-IoT Solution

Our latest innovation directly addresses this problem. The B’Smart-IoT system is now able to automatically send a shutdown command from the machine’s starter motor when it is detected that the particulate filter has started its regeneration and the operator has stopped the machine. This functionality is deployed in three critical phases:

  1. Filter Regeneration Detection:
    • The system constantly monitors the status of the particulate filter.
    • When the start of the regeneration process is detected, the system is activated to ensure that it is not interrupted.
  2. Alarm Generation and Notification:
    • In the event that the machine is stopped during regeneration, B’Smart-IoT generates an immediate alarm.
    • This alarm is communicated to the operator and the management team through multiple channels: email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, among others, ensuring that the information arrives quickly and effectively.
  3. Automatic Starter Disconnection:
    • The system sends an automatic command to disconnect the starter motor from the machine.
    • The disconnect can be configured to be permanent or temporary, depending on the customer’s needs, allowing flexibility in equipment management.
    • This action prevents the operator from being able to restart the machine until regeneration is complete, thus protecting the filter from particles.

Benefits for Users

This new B’Smart-IoT functionality offers multiple benefits:

  • Protection of the Particulate Filter: By avoiding interruption of the regeneration process, the longevity and good condition of the filter is ensured.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: By preventing damage to the filter, the costs associated with repairs and replacements are minimized.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Process automation reduces manual intervention and operational errors.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Customers can configure the system to suit their specific needs, choosing the downtime that best suits their operations.


At B’Smart-IoT, we continue to innovate to offer technological solutions that improve the efficiency and protection of industrial equipment. This new functionality not only ensures the good condition of particulate filters in diesel machines, but also optimizes operations and reduces maintenance costs. With our advanced technology, customers can have peace of mind that their equipment is protected and operating at peak performance.

For more information about this functionality and how to implement it in your operations, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team. At B’Smart-IoT, we are committed to the success and satisfaction of our customers, offering solutions that make a difference in the industrial world.


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