B’Smart Introduces Innovative Functionality: Real-Time Maintenance and Fuel Consumption Information

In the modern business world, operational efficiency and fleet management are key elements for success. With the increasing digitization of processes, companies are turning to advanced solutions to optimize their operations. In this context, B’Smart has launched a revolutionary new functionality in its fleet digitalization platform, which promises to significantly improve maintenance management and fuel consumption control.

This new feature allows customers to receive real-time notifications when a machine requiring maintenance arrives at the delegation. There’s no need to rely on manual communications or tedious follow-ups anymore. With B’Smart’s technology, customers can stay informed instantly, allowing them to more efficiently plan and coordinate maintenance activities.

But that’s not all. The platform also offers the ability to automatically capture the fuel level of each machine and send this information directly to the customer’s ERP system. This eliminates the need for manual records and reduces the risk of human error. By seamlessly integrating fuel consumption data into the ERP system, customers can access accurate and up-to-date information on operating costs, allowing them to make more informed and strategic decisions.

In addition, B’Smart has taken fuel management a step further by enabling the capture of the diesel tank level in each of the customer’s branches. This functionality provides a complete view of fuel consumption across all locations, making it easy to identify patterns and trends. With this detailed information, customers can perform comparative analysis between different delegations, identify areas for improvement, and further optimize their operations.

The ability to compare fuel consumption at the machine and delegation level represents a significant advance in fleet management. Not only does it simplify administrative processes, but it also provides customers with a holistic view of their fuel consumption, allowing them to identify savings opportunities and improve operational efficiency.

In short, B’Smart’s new functionality marks a milestone in the digitalization of fleet management. By offering real-time insights into maintenance and fuel consumption, the platform empowers customers with powerful tools to optimize their operations and make smarter decisions. With B’Smart, the future of fleet management is more efficient, more transparent and smarter than ever before.


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