If you look around, there is a construction site on virtually every corner, full of equipment and heavy vehicles. To perform workAutomatic geo-fence theft detection system correctly and without delays, companies must care about every detail. Everything is usually very programmed. Margins are tight and any downtime can severely affect workflow, which is why Fleet Tracking in Mining is the best help in this case.

With the development of today’s technology, the telematics data offered by its mining fleet tracking system includes much more than just a GPS location. With the wealth of data and intelligence that B’Smart provides, you can optimize your productivity, employee safety and fleet management. Let’s see how telematics does it!


GPS trackers for tracking fleets under construction and mining

B’Smart uses devices developed with the highest technology with an installation of less than 20 minutes. As soon as you start your vehicle or machine and start driving, our device will also start working. It will provide you with the exact location of your vehicle or machine, which you can track in real time.

In addition, our devices can record all kinds of data related to your fleet, not only the location but also detailed information about workflow elements, engine hours, fault codes, travel fuel used, etc. Fleet ManagementDepending on what your priorities are, you can also focus on other data points, such as engine temperature and equipment events (opening doors, starting the engine, etc.).

In addition to knowing exactly where your computer is at any time, there are many other benefits of GPS tracking. For example, you can also track the behavior of your drivers and provide them with guidance on the vehicle or machine. This may be related to your safety (let’s say they haven’t put on their seat belts). Alternatively, you can also track their downtime and aggressive driving. This way, you can reduce fuel consumption and significantly reduce costs. In the event of an accident, you will receive complete forensic data that will allow you to reconstruct the accident and know exactly what happened and how.


GPS tracking for construction and mining equipment

A tracking solution for your vehicles makes sense without a second thought, but why use a heavy equipment tracking system? Well, with B’Smart, you’ll be able to eradicate productivity, efficiency, theft and maintenance issues. With the amount of data you receive, you’ll be able to know exactly how your fleet is performing without even being in the workplace. You’ll know how much time a given computer spends in operation and how much time it spends idle. Heavy equipment with the engine idling is a huge waste of money due to unnecessary fuel consumption. This way, you’ll be able to see how much your team is actually performing, optimizing your team’s management accordingly and eliminating bottlenecks in your system.

In addition, the system will also notify you of any potential issues that may occur with your equipment. The best thing about this is that you will be able to know about a potential problem in advance. Preventive maintenance is the dream of every company. When you have a small problem to fix, it costs much less money than when a machine breaks down. It also avoids project delays and pays for additional parts and labor.


Fleet tracking and control of thefts and assets in construction and mining

Finally, there is another aspect that will give you greater peace of mind. As we already said, the moment your vehicle (or equipment) starts working, the tracker also starts working. theft of heavy machinery mining and contrucci'onIn addition, you can also use keyboard technology, which allows only your workers with a security number to use your equipment.

This means you’ll know exactly who’s behind the wheel and where they’re headed. Obviously, it is easier to steal a bicycle than heavy construction machinery. However, in 2017, the value of construction equipment stolen in a year was estimated to be between 250 million and 300 million Euros, and that is only in Europe.

With our trackers, you will receive an alert as soon as there is suspicious activity. Then, you can turn off the equipment in question remotely and call the police. What’s more, let’s say you want to make sure your other assets are safe. This would include containers, bed trailers, cables, etc. Well, you can do it with B’Smart, as we also provide solar and battery asset trackers with autonomy up to 10 years.

Track and optimize your fleet with mining fleet tracking

As you can see, with a telematics system, you can seriously optimize your workflow. At the same time, you make sure that your employees and equipment are safe and control the loss of assets and even spare parts that in addition to damaging the machinery can damage other machines involved in the production process such as the fall of an excavator tooth in a mill. Now, the sheer amount of data can seem overwhelming, which can backfire if you don’t know how to deal with it. That’s why B’Smart offers you free consulting. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in telematics data analysis. We’ll make sure you understand everything about each digit.

The future of construction equipment management is here and is presented in the form of a GPS tracker with B’Smart’s smart fleet management.


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