The advanced tracking of assets in a reliable and effective way is a challenge that any company has that due to its business logic needs to track and trace them.Asset tracking

For example, machinery rental companies, pallet dealers, supply chain, companies with light or heavy vehicle fleet, are cases in which the need for advanced asset tracking is very common. ASSET TRACKINGWith our new rechargeable battery device, which has the possibility of detecting the arrival or departure of certain points, and autonomy of more than 3900 messages, you can achieve tracking with a cadence of:

  1. 5′ for 12 days.
  2. 10′ for 24 days
  3. 1 h for 6 months
  4. 2 years if the cadence is one geolocation per day.

The battery life, and therefore the number of messages sent, can be multiplied by two or three, taking into account that the device is configurable automatically, and, therefore, the sending cadence can be reduced in night or weekend periods, for example.

Supply Chain Tracking

In addition, the device has geolocation through LBS and Wi-Fi technology, which allows you to locate assets even in areas where there is no GPS signal. For example, in a parking lot, a building or a shopping center. Additionally, it has accelerometer alarms to detect movements, uninstall alarm and geo-barriers. All these sensors are configurable, as well as their corresponding alarms in any of our fleet digitalization and asset tracking platforms.

Finally, this device has come to send during the tests in real conditions up to 3491 geolocations at a cadence of one geolocation every 5 minutes. Tripling in this way the number of messages that the best device we have tested, has sent (download the real tests here). In addition, the device has global mobile coverage and a microphone that can be activated via SMS from previously authorized telephone numbers, which can be activated in active listening mode, for example in case of theft. In addition, the device does not send location if it does not detect movement, even if it is configured to do so, which helps to extend the life of the battery in a configurable way.

Undoubtedly a breakthrough to solve many of the problems that other technologies have not been able to solve so far when it comes to reliably tracking assets.


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