Our client

Our client is an owned security installation company which has been delivering high quality security solutions throughout Spain for 20 years, with well over twenty thousand installations. The company serves both commercial and domestic customers. OUR CLIENT employs a total number of 60 staff working from a couple of locations in Spain.


The Challenge

The company operates a total of 50 vehicles, which are used for both business and private use. The engineers are responsible for the installation and servicing of fire and security equipment, taking them to a variety of destinations throughout their working day. Taking into consideration the sizeable fleet and the numerous journeys that the engineers undertook, the company realised that fuel costs seemed unusually high and this led them to investigate a telematics solution. In order to replace a manual system of differentiating business and private mileage, our client was looking for a more efficient way of recording this information, not only to simplify the administration, but to also ensure that this data was accurate and above all to benefit from a cost saving from reduced business mileage. From a safety aspect, the company was keen to implement a solution whereby the engineer would be dissuaded from driving over the speed limit, and from aggressive driving.


The Solution

The Solution B’Smart implemented consists of a GPS tracking device. The system also records driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and cornering. Our client is keen to be able to differentiate between business and private mileage and by installing the B’Smart solution, they are now able to do this. The system has been particularly well integrated into the vehicles, they use an audible alarm system which makes it compulsory for each driver to switch the unit on and enter their details, at the same time selecting whether they are on a private or business journey. This has proved a success in many ways. The business mileage report information recorded means that the weekly time sheet has become obsolete. Our client has made incredible savings since B’Smart solution was installed. “By monitoring the amount of business versus private mileage, the company recorded an outstanding 12,000 € saving over the course of one year. This equates to 8.500 litres of fuel,” says our client Pedro Martín, Technical Director of OUR CLIENT. “This has made our business more efficient and improved our environmental impact.” Savings have arisen as a result of reduced overall mileage and increased declaration of private mileage which drivers are responsible for. As part of the Duty of Care and Fleet Management policy the company set up speed alerts, which if ignored would result in disciplinary action. A daily report is produced and to date no driver has exceeded this limit. The engineers have received the equipment well and it provides a “win-win situation,” says Pedro Martín. If engineers select the private mode, they can make journeys in their own time, without OUR CLIENT knowing their whereabouts. They also benefit from the feature of live traffic information and satellite navigation, which makes trips easier for the engineers and less costly for the company.