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Loxam-Hune gives B’Smart an excellent rating for its contribution to generator set fleet management

B'SMART'S FLEET DIGITIZATION SERVICE IS RATED EXCELLENT BY LOXAM-HUNE'S PURCHASING AND FLEET MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Loxam-hune had a turnover of 110 million euros in 2021 and has the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and performs fleet management of all generator sets in stock. B'Smart has been working together with Loxam-Hune on different projects focused on

Fleet management in generators

The customer COMOLI is a machinery rental company in the province of Malaga with more than 200 machines including lifting platforms, forklifts and generator sets, this machinery does not usually have a telematic system, therefore, the monitoring of generator sets has been a help for the reduction and prevention of serious breakdowns. The introduction of