Loxam-Hune had a turnover of 110 million euros in 2021 and has the ISO quality management system certificate, based on this quality standard has evaluated B’Smart’s fleet digitalization service with an excellent one.

B’Smart works together with Loxam-Hune in different projects focused on improving productivity, reducing costs and reducing theft of the rental machinery fleet. Based on This quality standard, Loxam-Hune evaluates B’Smart’s fleet digitalization service as excellent.

Specifically, B’Smart works on several projects with generators from 45 KVA to 120 KVA for the capture and presentation of data that ensure and control the proper functioning of these. Among others are the energy produced, ensuring the balancing of loads and the optimal point of work of the generator, the level of clogging of the particulate filter with the corresponding generation of alarms, etc.

Through the aforementioned project, Loxam-Hune will not only be able to know the energy produced by each of its generators, which is a legal requirement of the business in certain cases. But you will also be able to ensure that the generator is always maintained and used in the best conditions to achieve the highest possible return on investment. Thus, for example, some of the breakdowns that can be avoided are through the digitalization of the fleet:

  1. Particulate filter clogging.
  2. Machine stoppage due to lack of diesel.
  3. Machine shutdown due to excess temperature and the corresponding accumulated damage caused by overheating.
  4. Alternator breakdown due to overuse or underuse.
  5. Alternator breakdown due to unbalanced loads.
  6. Control of theft and periodic checks, as well as hours and periods worked by the machine, the latter also for small generators without battery.

Additionally, through fleet management for generator sets, Loxam-Hune can immediately know when a diesel engine alternator has suffered a breakdown, thus being able to improve operational efficiency and the quality of customer service, since a major breakdown is avoided. In all the cases mentioned, through fleet management for generator sets it is possible to stop the generator automatically before a serious breakdown occurs.

The excellent evaluation of B’Smart’s fleet digitization service makes us very proud and happy. As always, we will continue to work hard to bring the best, seeking innovation, the highest level of quality and the best technology to continue providing solutions that help improve our customers.

Loxam-Hune evalúa con un excelente el servicio de gestión de flotas de B'Smart
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