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How Blockchain Will Radically Improve the Supply Chain Historically, innovation has often disrupted supply chains in several significant ways. For example, the introduction of computers in the 80s led to drastic changes in supply chain management. Organizations increasingly embraced computers for word processing, day-to-day operations, and accounting, while map-based interfaces and flexible spreadsheets enabled more
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Fleet management in electrical machinery

There are systems on the market that can provide us with information about the water level in the electrolyte and the water temperature in the elements of a traction battery. The only problem is that such systems, unlike fleet management for electrical machinery, offer the information only at the local level, and the interested party,
smart tires

Smart tires

Controlling the pressure and temperature of a truck's tires in real time can be a good solution to avoid unforeseen events and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Smart truck tires are equipped with sensors that transmit real-time pressure and temperature data and provide the user with the ability to send this information to their fleet